Meet the GW Homes family

Ever since Grant Williams founded our company in 1966, GW Homes has been built on his integrity and commitment to quality. Today, Grant’s sons Andrew & Mathew and daughter Jody carry on this proud family tradition.

Starting out as carpenter’s apprentices, today Andrew is our Managing Director and Mathew our Construction Manager and Director. Jody is our principal Sales, Design and Marketing Consultant, with more than two decades of design experience.

Our family philosophy is also reflected in the stability of our workforce. For example, our Designer Alan Coates has been with us since 1985, and our Accountant Jane Lamont since 1990. Our Property Agent and Contracts Administrator Rae Williams has played a pivotal role with our team for more than 22 years. And many of our sub-contractors and tradesmen have worked for GW Homes for decades.

This solid family foundation underpins our success, helping to make GW Homes the most reliable and genuine Brisbane home builders.