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Want to build a home, but not sure where to start?

Talk to GW Homes about getting a full custom home design from $1,650

If you’re thinking about building a custom home, you’ll no doubt have many questions to be answered. How much will a custom home cost to build? Can you afford to incorporate every feature you’ve ever wanted, or will you need to compromise in some areas? Perhaps most importantly, what will the finished home actually look like?

To help you answer these questions and more, GW Homes offers you full custom home concept drawings from just $1,650. It’s the ideal way to make sure you get everything you need from your home design – within your budget.

How we design a home to suit YOUR budget

We begin by inviting you in to our showroom to talk about your home with our design team. We’ll find out all about your family, how you want to live, your building budget, and all your design ‘must-haves’.

GW-Homes-homeIf you have an unusual or very sloping block of land, you may first need to arrange a site survey at your cost, so that we can create a home concept that works with your site.

The GW Homes design team will then go to work and create full concept drawings of your home. We’ll send them to you, and you can decide what you do and don’t like, and if there are any changes you’d like made.

Once you’re completely happy with the design, we’ll provide you with a full building quote for that home concept. We’ll also meet again to talk about what inclusions you’re looking for in your home.

These inclusions (also called selections) can have a big impact on the cost of building your home. So we’ll be happy to talk this stage through with you and suggest substitutions or alternatives to balance your ‘wish list’ against your budget.

Again, you’re in the driver’s seat. We’re all about giving you the home design you want, within the budget you have.

Get the complete picture of your custom home design

GW Homes’ custom home design service is an affordable way to get the information you need to decide whether or not to build. For your investment starting at just $1,650 inc GST, you’ll get:

  • Floor plans showing your home design

You might know you want 3 bedrooms, and ensuites, and an outdoor dining area. But do you know how these areas will flow in to each other in the finished design? This detailed floor plan will show you how every element of your home will come together.

Plus, because you’re welcome to make up to 3 changes at this stage, you’ll be able to fine-tune your design and make sure everything is just how you want it – and importantly, within your home building budget.



  • 3D images of the front and back of the completed home

If you’ve ever wished you could ‘see’ your dream home before it’s constructed, here’s your chance!

We’ll bring your home design to life with colour 3D line drawings, to help you visualise exactly what your finished home will look like once it’s built.



  • Site plans showing the home in position on your block of land

Now that you’ve designed your home exactly the way you want it, it’s fantastic to be able to see how the finished house will sit on your very own block of land.

With the help of site plans you’ll see how much space the home will take up on the site; how it works with the front and back yards; and the all-important aspect of the home – helping you visualise how the morning and afternoon sun will affect the house.



Build with us or dream some more – it’s up to you

With GW Homes’ custom design offer, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether or not to go ahead with building a custom home.

Importantly, after you receive your home design, you’re under no obligation to build with GW Homes. You can choose to build with us, or you can continue to plan and dream about building your home. It’s totally up to you!

What’s more, if you do decide to build with us, we’ll take the $1,650 or more that you’ve paid for your custom design off the build price. That’s an exceptional value offer from one of Brisbane’s leading builders.

Please note, the only way we can offer you this incredible price is by retaining the copyright to the concept drawings we provide you. So you won’t be able to take the plans we design to another home builder.

But the great news is, you will be able to build your dream custom home design with GW Homes, Brisbane’s leading home builders.

Get started on designing your dream home today. Fill out the form above or call GW Homes today on 3393 1399.

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