How do I find the right block of land for my home?

To help you weigh up which block of land is best suited to the type of home you want to build, we’ve put together a handy block research checklist.

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How can I be sure my home will be completed?

At GW Homes we’re proud to have built quality homes for nearly 50 years. And as a member of the Queensland Building Construction Commission tender panel, we are entrusted with completing homes that are left incomplete by other builders. It’s testimony to our reliability over the long term.

How long has GW Homes been in business?

We’ve been building quality homes since Grant Williams started GW Homes in 1966. Today, Grant’s children Andrew, Mathew and Jody carry on the family tradition of outstanding service and quality workmanship.

How much do you charge per square metre to build a home?

We don’t! “Cost per square metre”, while common, isn’t the best way to compare what different builders are offering you. Instead, we give you a more accurate home building estimate complete with your chosen level of inclusions. Find out more about home building quotations here.

What if we can't find a new home design we like?

No problem. The GW Homes in-house design team will help you create a home design that’s perfect for you and your family. Whether you’d like to adapt an existing design, or create a custom design from the slab up, our friendly team can help.

What warranty and structural guarantee do you provide?

All GW Homes houses come complete with our 6 month maintenance period warranty, and a 6½ year major structural guarantee underwritten by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

Is GW Homes a member of the QMBA?

Yes, we’re proud to be members of the Queensland Master Builders Association. In fact, our founding director Grant Williams is a past president of the QMBA.

Can I inspect any houses GW Homes are currently building?

Absolutely! We’re proud of our quality workmanship, and we’re always happy to show you through any home we have under construction. Give us a call on 3393 1399 to find out more.

Will I have a dedicated Construction Supervisor to manage my home build?

Absolutely – we’ll provide you with a dedicated Construction Supervisor who will oversee your new home build from start to finish. You’ll have their direct phone number and you’re welcome to contact them throughout the construction of your new home.

Will I be able to visit my site during construction?

Yes of course – we’re always happy to help you make the most of the exciting process of building a home. So you’re welcome to visit the site of your new home and see how things are progressing at any stage.

Is GW Homes certified or affiliated with recognised industry bodies?

We’re members of the QMBA, the peak industry association representing building and construction in Queensland. And as a QBCC tender panel member, we have the privilege of rectifying and completing homes for families whose builders have left their homes unfinished.

What eco and sustainable building designs does GW Homes offer?

All GW Homes designs are built to achieve a 5 star energy equivalent rating. It means you’ll have a new energy efficient home that’s designed to help reduce your household energy bill for heating and cooling.