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‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’

In these unprecedented times of self-quarantining, the idea of ‘home is where the heart is’ has taken on a whole new dimension. With most families confined to their homes, home is also where the classroom is; it’s where the office is; it’s where the movie theatre is; it’s where the gym is, and the list goes on. More now than ever before, homeowners are discovering the benefits of a well-designed home that best suits their specific needs. 

At GW Homes our custom home build process allows customers to change the liveability and functionality of their floorplan, at no additional cost. Something as simple as having the kitchen sink in the island or on an exterior wall can completely change the way you use that space. These small differences can make a big impact in how families not only live in a home, but how they thrive in it during times of uncertainty. 

Now that you’re spending a lot more time at home, you can rest assured that the quality and comfort of a GW home will always be there. 

We have dedicated home consultants that can visit you in person or have a virtual meeting at a time that suits you. 

Contact us or call (07) 3393 1399 for a no-obligation chat about your new home. 

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