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Bulimba 2

Every custom home design presents unique challenges – which our team are always driven to overcome.

These two stunning homes, built side-by-side on a subdivided block in Bulimba, presented quite a few problems for the GW Homes design team to resolve.

Firstly, the subdivided sites were very small lots, under 400 m2.

Secondly, the local reactive soil need specialist understanding and expert handling by the GW Homes design team, to ensure stability of the finished home.

Lastly, because each custom home would be built to a very different budget, very different design solutions were needed. With careful planning, the GW Homes team were able to successfully meet both budgets.

The first home across 2 storeys was designed solely by GW homes.

The second 3 storey home had been initially designed by an architect, but the cost of realising the plans had exceeded our client’s budget. GW Homes were able to rationalise the design into a buildable, affordable custom home design that still met our client’s goal for a very high specification home.

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