Mt Gravatt East

GW Homes was asked to build these two custom homes side by side on two very narrow blocks. The project posed some unique design challenges.

Firstly, our custom home designs had to work with the extremely narrow, 9.3 metre frontage blocks while still creating attractive and functional finished homes. Secondly, as the homes would be investment properties for our client, controlling building costs and sticking closely to budget was crucial.

GW Homes rose to these challenges and successfully designed and built two beautiful custom homes, all within our client’s budget and the restrictions of the narrow blocks. The complete 2 storey custom homes feature 4 bedrooms, spacious living areas, and plenty of storage – which is far from a standard feature with small lot custom homes!

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Third Generation Builders

At GW Homes our legacy spans three generations, reflecting a commitment to quality craftsmanship and a personalised approach to home building.

Building Since 1966

GW Homes was founded in 1966 and has since gone on to build thousands of dream homes and forged a strong reputation as a leading home builder in Brisbane and surrounds.

We Are Debt-Free

We are a debt-free home builder, ensuring financial stability and peace of mind for our clients. This commitment reflects our dedication to delivering quality homes without compromise.

Financially Strong

At GW Homes, we have an extensive track record as an industry-leading home builder meaning you can trust that we have the resources and financial stability to complete your home from start to finish.

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