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Building a stunning Norman Park custom home

How we design and build your family’s ideal house

Some of our favourite building projects are the unique custom homes we create especially to suit a particular block of land. One good example is the new custom home we’re close to completing in Norman Park. We were first introduced to the block via the owner, who had subdivided it off from his home’s block. Although he took advantage of our $1,650 design offer to have a custom home designed himself, eventually he decided to sell the vacant block without building.

Designing the ideal custom home

Lucy and John Packer then purchased the block of land with the intention of building their own custom home. But as they became more familiar with their unique new Norman Park land, they realised that they needed some expert advice to really make the most of the location – as well as understanding all the Council regulations that applied to building on the block. The Packers got in touch with us for a custom home that was designed and built specifically to suit the block.
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The importance of understanding your block of land

Because we’d already spent quite a bit of time getting to know the block for the previous owner, we had a good understanding of its design challenges. And there were quite a few! As a subdivision of the larger block, the small 400m2 site had fairly unusual 20m x 20m dimensions. Secondly, the site was affected by overland flow, which called for clever design and planning. If all that wasn’t enough, the block was also located in the Brisbane City Council’s Traditional Building Character Overlay as well! It was clear that a standard project home wouldn’t be the best design solution. “Because there were so many little challenges associated with our site, we knew we wanted a builder that was experienced in working with a block that had a few challenges,” said Lucy. “When we started speaking to GW Homes, we soon realised we were in the right place.”

A smooth custom home design process

Lucy and John came to us with a clear idea of what they were looking for in their custom home design. We spoke to the Packers about their priorities for the home build – how their family lived; what features they’d need into the future; and the importance of allowing space for their adult children. Our design team then took the Packers through our comprehensive custom home design process. We started with an overall concept design, that allowed the family to see how their ideas translated into the design. From there, the Packers could make whatever changes they wanted to be sure they were absolutely happy with their home design.

Choosing your custom home selections

With the initial home design largely complete, we moved on to the selections process. “We were a little nervous about choosing our home selections at first,” says Lucy. “But the experience couldn’t have been easier. GW Homes were really patient, leading us through the process and helping us make decisions we were happy with.” By starting with the “big decisions” such as cabinetry and exterior colours, we aim to help make it easier to then move on to the smaller – but still important – decisions about things like door handles or the position of power points. We also try to be as flexible as possible with your design and build. For example, once the home build starts to take shape and you decide you’d really like an extra power point or bathroom heater light, we’ll do whatever we can to incorporate your changes.

See how we can help you design your ideal custom home

The Packer family’s new custom home is now almost complete, with the cabinetry installed and the finishing trades (such as carpets and floor coverings, painting, and landscaping) well underway. “Building with GW Homes has really been a seamless experience,” John said. “We’ve been amazed how the whole design and build process has gone pretty much according to plan.” “If you’re wondering whether to design a custom home, we’d say go for it,” said Lucy. ‘GW Homes will really listen to you and do everything they can to give you the custom home you want.”

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