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Building a dual occupancy home in Brisbane

Your guide to dual living home designs

With South East Queensland’s population continuing to grow, vacant land in Brisbane becoming ever more scarce, and land prices heading ever higher, it’s not surprising that more people are looking to customise their home design to get more out of their block of land. Dual occupancy homes can be the solution to a number of different living challenges. And GW Homes have the experience to help you design the dual occ home to suit you.

Get the most from your dual occupancy home design

Dual occupancy properties can be the ideal solution to many different housing needs. For example, if you:
  • Have university-aged kids who can’t afford to move out into a home of their own
  • Have ageing parents who you’d like to keep close
  • Want to bolster your income, or gain a second income, or
  • Are looking for a second income from a single investment property
... then a dual living home design could be perfect for your situation.

What regulations apply to building a dual occ home?

Recognising the increased demand for side-by-side living, the Brisbane City Council and other local authorities are changing their regulations around dual occupancy homes to become more flexible. However, the rules do still vary from one council to the next – so you should check with your local council as a first step before you get too far with designing a dual occ home. The GW Homes team will be happy to help you with your initial queries – just give us a call.
How do you choose the right block of land for your new home? Find out how here.

Choose a dual living layout to suit your needs

When you’re designing your dual occ home, you’ll have a number of layout options. You could opt for a ‘side-by-side’ layout, with the two separate tenancies on the same floor or floors. You could choose to design a home with one tenancy upstairs, and another downstairs. Or, depending on your block of land, you may be able to choose between attached or completely detached home designs. At GW Homes, we firmly believe there’s a dual living design solution for every block of land.

Contact GW Homes to discuss your dual occupancy home options

To help you make sense of your dual occ home possibilities, a great first step is to contact the experienced design team at GW Homes. We’ll be happy to discuss your options for designing and building a dual occupancy house, and share some valuable ideas for how you can best achieve a dual-living house with separate living areas. We’ll also be happy to visit your block of land in person, to carry out a site inspection and get a feel for your land. We’ll talk about your requirements and look at how we can customise a home design to give you the dual living lifestyle you’re looking for. To find out the possibilities for your dual occ home, contact GW Homes today on 3393 1399 or get in touch with the contact form here.

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