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Five defining elements of Hamptons style homes

Top tips for incorporating design ideas in your new build

Combining old world charm and Australian living, Hamptons-style homes are becoming increasingly popular in Brisbane and across South East Queensland. The Hamptons style is well suited to our hot and sunny climate, our building materials, and construction techniques. The GW Homes team can incorporate a Hamptons façade into any of our existing home designs – or you can create a completely unique custom home in this sought-after style. But what exactly defines Hamptons design? What are the “must-have” style elements that make these homes so identifiable and desirable? In this news post we’ll take a look at the top five tips for incorporating the Hamptons design style into your new home build.

1) Distinctive gable roof design

One of the most distinguishing key details of Hamptons homes is their gable roof design. Whether you opt for a closed gable or a more open style (with a raked ceiling inside the gable), it’s a design element that creates an attractive street presence for your new home build. Choosing a closed gable can provide shade for a particular aspect of the home, and incorporating multiple gables can provide an eye-catching layered effect. Your home’s gables can also be customised with as much or as little detail as you wish. For example, you may like to add the characteristic Cape Cod-style round louvered circles, or add fretwork and detailing to the house’s gables.

2) A distinctive exterior shape

From the outside, a Hamptons style home offers immense interest with its multi-faceted design. There are plenty of design features and angles to look at. An ‘articulated’ shape to the home exterior creates interesting and dimensional external lines. Extensive verandahs offer shade, shape, and draw the outside in. Other characteristic details include exterior columns with a plinth base, and of course, the distinctive Hamptons facing that can be customised with as much or as little detail as you wish. This style of home ages gracefully and will look great year after year.

3) Weatherboard-style cladding

Hamptons home design utilises chamfer-style weatherboard cladding on the home’s exterior. It’s a style that’s very much in keeping with our Queenslander sensibilities. When you’re deciding on your home’s colour palette, there are two schools of thought – and each looks equally good on Hamptons style homes. One is the prominent use of muted greys and natural tones, and the other is the use of darker greys or charcoal with the characteristic Hamptons-style white door and window frames. Either way, in the South East Queensland sunshine this distinctive cladding style can offer a dramatic look as it creates deep shadows across the home’s façade. 

4) Window designs that let in lots of natural light

With their coastal, relaxed yet sophisticated feel, a key element of Hamptons style homes is making use of abundant natural light. Well-positioned, large windows let in our plentiful Queensland sunshine, and French doors and glass sliding doors – all with wide frames painted white – complete the Hamptons look.

5) Shaker-style cabinetry

Inside your Hamptons home, there are a number of ways to continue your theme. Shaker cabinetry (with its bevelled edge frames) will keep things durable, simple, and functional across your kitchen, vanities, laundry, and furniture. In terms of detailing, you can reinforce the Hamptons theme by opting for ‘shell handles’ or an aged, antique-look brass knob on your cabinetry. Natural materials such as wooden floors and textured natural fibres such as linen are prominent, as well as interior staircases featuring timber treads and white risers. A colour palette that features plenty of white is also crucial in evoking the Hamptons style. Benchtops can be finished in white, greys, or neutral tones. Nothing is too ornate in a Hamptons interior. Instead, there are layers of stylish finishes and textures making the overall look. Talk to our Hamptons home builders today As Brisbane’s leading Hamptons style home builders, the GW Homes team will be happy to talk to you about all the design touches we can add to your new home, to make it exactly the style you want. Call the friendly GW Homes team on 07 3393 1399 to find out more about building a Hamptons style home in Brisbane.

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