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The 5 things you need to know about building on a small lot

With subdivisions becoming more popular, and land in the inner city at a premium, many home builders in Brisbane are exploring their options for building on small lots. But building on narrow or small lots brings its own unique challenges that can be overcome with the help of a experienced, quality home builder. We asked the GW Homes design team to share their thoughts on the top five things you should bear in mind when building on a small lot in South East Queensland.

1 Do your due diligence about your block of land

When you’re setting out to design and build on a small lot, there’s no such thing as having too much information about your block of land. For a start, it’s a great idea to make sure you know things like:
  • Which council regulations apply to your small lot
  • The exact dimensions of your small lot (it’s a good idea to have a contour survey done)
  • Whether it’s in a “traditional building character overlay” (previously called the Demolition Control Precinct)
  • Whether your block is affected by flooding or storm surge
  • The location of any underground drainage, which will affect where you can build
None of these factors make it impossible to build on a narrow or small lot – but they’ll certainly need to be considered as part of the design of your home. The GW Homes team can help you carry out your due diligence – and it’s no problem for us to come out and visit your small lot in South East Queensland to get a full understanding of your project before we begin.
How do you choose the right block of land for your new home? Find out how here.

2 Do you need help with your demolition?

If you’re planning to demolish an existing property on your narrow or small lot, there are a number of additional factors you’ll need to plan for. Of course, it’s very common for old houses in South East Queensland to have asbestos present, which will need to be managed and safely removed during demolition. GW Homes are highly experienced in house demolition projects and asbestos removal in Brisbane. We can determine what’s needed for your particular project, and take care of the entire demolition process for you.

3 Think about the aspect of your home

One of the key assets of any home is the way it’s situated on the block – what we call the home’s aspect. Whether your house faces east, west, north or south will affect the liveability and function of your new home. Carefully planning your new house’s aspect can help you build a home that’s naturally light and bright, cooler in summer and warmer in winter. All that’s needed is an experienced build and design team who’ll help you make the most of your narrow or small lot!

4 Design your new home to suit your block

Whether you’re choosing from existing home designs, or customising a home design to ideally meet your family’s needs, it’s important to consider your small lot from the start. GW Homes can design a home that not only suits your budget, but also suits your small or narrow lot, and all its characteristics. We’ll be happy to offer advice on whether a standard home design fits the bill, or if you’ll be better off with a complete custom home design. And of course, we can supply a full building estimate to help with your decision making.

5 Consider your surroundings

Building on a small lot will naturally mean living in close proximity to your neighbours. And that will impact not only on what you can do, but also what you might want to do. Good small lot home designs will take into account how adjoining houses are sited on their blocks, how they overlook your block, and how they’ll impact your views, breezes and outlook. The GW Homes home design team will consider all these factors when placing your home’s bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas, to ensure that both your privacy and potential views are maximised.

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