5 Reasons to Downsize to a New Home


GW Homes Brisbane

Are you thinking about downsizing? Here are five advantages of building a new home rather than buying and existing one. 

1. Downsize and save! 

Bigger homes naturally come with higher bills, rates and costs to maintain. Downsizing to a smaller home is a wonderful way to cut costs. A new build will see you capitalise on savings more than an older property. New home builds can include smart, energy-efficient systems and appliances and benefit from new and improved building materials.  

2. Customisable Features 

A newly constructed home can be customised to better suit your needs as you get older. Some age-friendly features to consider may be wider doors and hallways, spacious open floor plans, walk-in showers or bathtubs, additional handrails and single-story dwellings. 

 3. Less Maintenance 

By their very nature, new home appliances, systems like plumbing, heating, electrical and finishes will require far less maintenance than their previously used counterparts. Even better, our homes come backed by a Lifetime Structural Guarantee. Should something arise, we will take care of any warrantable repairs for you at no extra charge. 

4. Pre-designed or custom build? 

Don’t have time to customise? We have hundreds of pre-designed houses to choose from. If you prefer to make a few design-related choices, you can talk to one of design consultants about custom home building. 

5. Realise the equity in your current property 

After years spent paying off mortgage in your existing home, it is time to make all the equity you have accumulated work in your favour. Not only can you use your equity to pay off your current mortgage, but you can put the proceeds from your home sale as a payment on that smaller, more affordable new home. 

Contact us to learn more about how GW Homes can make your downsizing dreams a reality. Chat to one of design consultants today, call (07) 3393 1399 for a no-obligation chat. 

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